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Umbria - Terni (TR)

Departure: Caserta - Formia - Cassino - Rome

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Adults: 65 € 25 €

Waterfall Marmore

The Cascata delle Marmore is one of the most famous waterfalls in Italy. It is located in the Valnerina, not far from the city of Terni, in the marvelous Natural Park of the Marmore Falls. If you pass near Terni, the Waterfall is one of the obligatory places to visit: its beauty has fascinated poets and writers over the centuries, and continues to fascinate every year thousands of tourists who decide to visit it. and all the beauties around, we have created this mini-guide to show you everything you need to know about the Marmore Falls (tickets, how to get there, the best routes), plus the best places to stay in the immediate vicinity (and other related activities ). Parco della Cascata is a tourist-excursion complex located all around the waterfall. The park is full of paths and paths that wind through the natural environment, characterized by the lush vegetation of holm oaks, black hornbeams and flowering ash, while ferns and mosses prefer travertine rocks near the river. The Park also contains numerous historical remains, industrial archeology and hydraulic works. The first thing to know is that you can access the Waterfall from two different points: the Lower Belvedere and the Upper Belvedere. The Upper Belvedere is located at an elevated point and allows you a complete view of the first jump of the waterfall, while the Lower Belvedere offers a perspective from the lower part of the Park, but which allows you to see the whole structure and the majesty of the waterfall . You can move between the two points through a scenic route, and meet all the most suggestive places, such as the Balcony of Lovers, one of the favorite places for engaged couples, and La Specola, a loggia built by Pope Pius VI in 1781.

Lake of Piediluco

Piediluco is a picturesque town whose name means "at the foot of the sacred wood". With a remained structure that of the Middle Ages, with its low colored houses, is actually located in the narrow strip of land that runs between the lake and the mountain.
The Piediluco Lake, which takes its name from the village, is so irregular that it looks like an alpine lake. Very suggestive, it is surrounded by wooded hills, among which is characteristic for its shape of wide cone the mountain of the Eco. This mountain owes its name to the fact that it is able to postpone an entire hendecasyllable perfectly. Behind the village dominates the Fortress of the eleventh century. Now partly ruined, it still remains superb and impressive. Its strategic position often made it the subject of disputes between the lords of the neighboring towns. The lake, home to world-class rowing events, is a popular tourist center, and offers the opportunity to practice various lake sports. Every year, on the lake there is the water festival, of very ancient origin, during which it is possible to see a night parade of decorated and illuminated boats, pyrotechnic games. For several years now, there have been musical masterpieces of piano and violin, followed by concerts given by the participants and by the Masters in the Church of San Francesco. During the summer season it is possible to attend theatrical performances and also open-air Jazz music concerts with free admission.
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da maria grazia a. - 02/10/2020, alle 17:43
Tutto ok. Grazieeee

da Stefania P. - 02/10/2020, alle 12:48
Come vostro solito, motivo per cui sono vostra cliente affezionata, bel programma, ottima accompagnatrice, buona guida sul posto, luogo incantevole che merita sicuramente una visita accurata .. peccato stavolta per lo scivolone sul non aver voluto rinviare la data del viaggio (come da tanti richiesto, da sondaggio in bus), finendo così con il perdere quasi tutto il positivo, a causa di una incessante e forte pioggia (prevista da alcuni giorni) che ha finito per far saltare gran parte del programma di gita .. purtroppo devo lamentare la solita unica pecca fissa

da DOMENICO C. - 25/10/2019, alle 11:40
Bellissima giornata.

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