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Campania - Limatola (BN)

At the moment CASERTAVECCHIA E MERCATINI DI NATALE LIMATOLA has no available offers

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The village of Casertavecchia

Casertavecchia (hamlet of Caserta) is a medieval village on the slopes of the Tifatini Mountains, about 401 meters high and 10 km far north-east of Caserta. The origins of Casertavecchia are still uncertain, but according to some information extrapolated by a Benedictine monk Erchemperto, already in 861 AD there was an urban nucleus called "Casahirta" (from the Latin house which means village and hirta meaning rough). the village has undergone various domination throughout the history. Originally belonging to the Longobards, it was sold in 879 to Conte Pandulfo di Capua. Following the Saracen incursions and the devastations of Capua, the inhabitants and the clergy of the surrounding areas found in Casertavecchia, protected by mountains, a safe haven. At this time the population increased so considerably to determine the transfer of the bishop's seat to the village. On 1062 began the Norman domination that brought the country to the highest level of splendor with the construction of the " present cathedral, consecrated to the cult of St. Michael the Archangel. With alternate vicissitudes, the village passed under Swiss domination with Riccardo di Lauro (1232-1266), which increased the importance of the village even from a political point of view. In 1442 the village passed under the Aragonese domination, thus commencing its long and progressive decadence: only the bishop and the seminary remained in Casertavecchia. With the advent of the Bourbons and the construction of the palace, Caserta became the new center of every activity at the expense of Casertavecchia, to which in 1842 the bishop was removed, also transferred to Caserta. The village of Casertavecchia is a destination of tourist interest thanks to the Duomo, the bell tower, the ruins of the castle and the streets of the whole village that resemble the splendor of a time that was. The splendid panorama can be enjoyed in many parts of the village, the numerous locales and pizzerias often make the inhabitants of the area spend the Saturday night in the streets of the village. Folkloristic events such as the Return of Knights in the Borgo and Settembre al Borgo, which take place annually in summer, have contributed to the revaluation of the territory.

The Castle of Limatola

The Castle of Limatola is located in the upper part of the old town, on a hill, in a strategic position. It was built by Normans on the remains of a Longobard tower. Already in 842 AD, Lombard Lombard Landolfo of Caserta brought a victory against the Beneventans.
In the 14th century it was possession before the Cantelmo and then D'Artus. The following century was the fief of de la Rath (then italianized in Della Ratta). In the sixteenth century belonged to de Capua, Mastelloni and Gambacorta. In 1532 the families were Centenarians who arrived at two hundred and seventy-six in 1561 and declined to one hundred and thirty after the plague of 1656.ll Latimora Castle is one of the most interesting examples of medieval fortified architecture, which in 2020 will reach the threshold of 1000 years of existence. guarded the events of the Angevin families, Aragonese, Sanseverino, were the stage of the 17th century and witnessed the strategic stay of Garibaldi. For centuries there have resided as powerful women as the Duchess Margherita De Tucziaco, the fairy Contessa di Caserta Anna Gambacorta and the cultured Countess Aurelia D'Este. In the Renaissance important renovation works transformed him from military architecture to s ignorant while retaining some defensive features. After decades of abandonment, the building was restored in 2010 and hosts a restaurant hotel. The castle is surrounded by a walled wall surrounded by circular towers equipped with a scarp to the height of the cornice. The chapel the palatine dedicated to Saint Nicholas preserves an ancient crucifix. Some of the rooms are decorated with frescoes mostly of the eighteenth century. The Limatola Castle rises majestically from a soft summit on a magnificent view that gathers the view of Matese and Taburno, about 8 Km from the Royal Palace of Caserta and 27 Km from Naples. The Castle of Limatola is one of the most interesting examples of medieval fortified architecture, which in 2020 will reach the threshold of 1000 years of existence. The Castle, which has always been a home of prestige, is today was restored to its ancient splendor, thanks to the restoration work carried out by Cosystem Srl of the family Sgueglia, owner of the structure. The works han not having the high supervision of the Bappsae superintendent of Caserta and Benevento. The Limatola Castle is also a museum center dedicated to the 16th century artist Tolentino, in addition to its fresco in the tower, a Polyptych commissioned in 1527 by the Gambacorta Family . The important testimony will be housed in the walls of the fortress, awaiting final settlement in the Diocesan Museum of Caserta. In the wing of the Castle is set up the exhibition "The Castle of Limatola and the Battle of the
Volturno ". The pictorial exhibition narrates the events of October 1, 1860, among the most significant of the garibaldi epic. The Latimola Castle is also a museum center dedicated to the 16th century artist.
Average mark:

da Giovanni Z. - 06/12/2019, alle 20:14
Bene grazie!

da Annalisa B. - 06/12/2019, alle 09:22
Viaggio organizzato bene. Accompagnatore preciso e disponibile.

da LUIGINO C. - 09/12/2017, alle 14:53
Abbastanza soddisfatto del viaggio

da Marisa C. - 08/12/2017, alle 09:08
Bellissimo giro. La disorganizzazione del rientro al pullman è da imputare esclusivamente all'organizzazione del castello.

da Domenico Antonio M. - 08/12/2017, alle 08:44
Tutto bene, nonostante la pioggia. Al prossimo viaggio!

da GIAMPIERO A. - 08/12/2017, alle 08:41
Personale DLT disponibile (Rosalinda) e guida turistica preparata.Nell'insieme tutto bene e due posti fantastici..A presto per un altro viaggio insieme

da Loredana M. - 08/12/2017, alle 08:29
Le navette del comune hanno rovinato una bellissima vostra organizzazione invece ottima!!