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Resorts Cilento
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Campania, Paestum (SA)


Full boardAir ConditioningPets AllowedMini-ClubAnimation for adultsDirectly on the seaParkingRestaurantBeach serviceWi-Fi in the room and common areas

Average Vote:
from 97 €
PER PERSON per 2 nights

Campania, Palinuro (SA)


Half boardAir ConditioningPets AllowedDirectly on the seaParkingRestaurantWi-Fi in the room and common areas

Average Vote:
from 76 €
PER PERSON per 2 nights

Campania, Palinuro di Centola (SA)


Stay onlyAir ConditioningPlaygroundParkingSwimming PoolClub CardWi-Fi in the room and common areas
Residence + consumption formula + club card

Average Vote:
from 105 €
PER APARTMENT per 3 nights
Average Vote:
from 99 €
PER PERSON per 2 nights
Average Vote:
from 85 €
PER PERSON per 2 nights

Holidays in Cilento: the sea and unspoiled nature in the shadow of the temples

Choosing to take a holiday in Cilento, in one of the many villages or in a hotel, is a perfect choice for those looking for a mix of history, sea and relaxation.

In Campania, in fact, set between the Gulf of Salerno and the Gulf of Policastro, the Cilento coast is a stretch of coastline famous all over the world for its natural beauties and excellent water quality. In fact, there are ten places in the right to boast the title of Blue Flag, one of the most important national awards in tourist circles.

The Cilento Coast, whose gates are open from Paestum, extends from Agropoli to Sapri, passing through Palinuro and Marina di Camerota and is a real treasure chest. History and culture intertwine with pristine nature, blue sea and golden beaches. The whole area is included in the Cilento National Park, whose mountains make up a wonderful territory made of mountains that plunge directly into the sea, drawing sinuous lines to the horizon.


The city of Paestum needs no introduction and is the ideal destination for those who prefer a holiday that manages to combine sea, culture and relaxation.

An enchanting pinewood separates the long sandy beach from the city and the archaeological area, recognized as a UNESCO heritage, and is very appreciated by tourists who shelter during the hottest hours of the day. Right here, in the shade of pine trees, there are many tourist villages and hotels with three, four and five stars.

Sunbathing steps from ancient temples is a wonderful experience.


Perched on a very precious promontory, this city owes its fame to its fortunate position. It is located south of the Gulf of Salerno, continuing our journey south in the Cilento coast.

In addition to having a fine sandy beach over three kilometers long, where the main tourist facilities stand, makes the port the strong point. From here leave many boat trips to the main destinations of the district.

Punta Licosa

Hidden among the pines, and outside the mass tourist routes there is a pearl of rare beauty: Punta Licosa. A real paradise for those who love being in contact with nature and immerse themselves in one of the clearest seas in Italy. In the heart of the Cilento Park a small dirt path, accessible by bike or on foot, gives access to one of the most beautiful areas of the coast, where there are small coves of pebble beach from which you can immerse yourself in complete tranquility.

Reaching Punta Licosa means making a real dive into unspoiled nature.


Another important tourist resort of the Cilento coast is Ascea. The city is on two levels: a hilly part, where there is a beautiful old town and the part of the marina, where the tourist villages and hotels are located.

Ascea, in any case, owes its fame, in addition to the beautiful waters to the Path of the Lovers. We are talking about a beautiful path, entirely flanked by a wooden handrail that will allow tourists to enjoy romantic and breathtaking views.


Palinuro is one of those places where history, myth and legend come together and consecrate one of the most beautiful tourist resorts in Italy. The sailors of all time and age have found shelter in these parts thanks to the favorable conformations of the place.

In the middle of the National Park of Cilento rises this town, along whose coasts, find place famous caves, beaches and magnificent coves.

As in the whole Cilento coast, the sea is clear and crystalline and long beaches of fine sand alternate with small rocky coves, some of which can be reached only by sea or by small paths hidden among the vegetation. The main examples of beaches accessible only by sea are the famous beach of good sleep or the beach of the Arco Naturale, symbol of Palinuro.

In Palinuro, in fact, the main experience that you can not afford to miss is a boat trip to enjoy an unprecedented perspective of the coast. In a few hours of navigation you can travel the coast of Palinuro far and wide and it will be enchanting to see the Saracen towers that stand on small coastal promontories to witness the important history of these places.

During the boat trip you can visit many natural caves. Do not miss the famous Blue Grotto, so named for the color that takes the entire environment for a fortuitous play of light and refractions. How not to mention the Cave of the Blood, whose red color comes from the corals attached to the rocky walls of the cave, or the Cave of the Monks, so called because of stalactites that have over time assumed the appearance of friars in prayer.


Camerota is born a few kilometers from Palinuro. A small medieval center that preserves along its coast a real treasure chest: Porto Infreschi.

Porto Infreschi is a small natural inlet, a real jewel in the crown of the Cilento coast. The name derives from the always cold temperature of the waters, caused by the fresh water springs that flow into the sea from the coast.

The history of this bay, which has now become a strong national and international tourist attraction, is linked to the manufacturing industry. Once, this creek was used for the extraction of clay, then always thanks to the suitable temperatures, was used for the conservation of products linked to a mill.

To protect the entire bay we find the Torre del Frontone with the chapel of S. Lazzaro. See their profiles that stand out on the hilly profile, will make you remain breathless.

Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet was born in Pioppi, in the Cilento. In fact, talking about the Cilento coast, and not talking about food and wine culture is madness.

The recipes and the typical dishes that are in the Cilento are many and they all draw from the variety of the territory. Anchovies, caciocavallo, chickpeas, white figs, mozzarella, olive oil and Cilento wines are just some of the typical products of the area.

Holidays in Cilento will not betray expectations.