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Are you a travel agency? ..... Yes ? ... then you can not fail to affiliate to more profitable tourist brokerage italian system.


  • Up to 15% net for each order. A fee calculated for the total amount of each reservation.
  • The ability to create your own over commission in addition to normal.
  • The accrued commission is maintained by the agency directly at the source.
  • Increasing the range of offers = more opportunities for your customers.
  • Deferred payment.
  • Children under 7 years old for free.
  • Club card included in 95% of products.
  • Availability of rooms / houses / apartments in real time.
  • Possibility to hold an order for 24 hours.
  • High salesability of products always below the price list of structures.

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Affiliation contract

Robytour s.r.l., hereinafter referred to as the "Daylight Tour" trademark, carries out tour operator and tourist brokerage activities and undertakes to enter into the website called "DAYLIGHTTOUR.IT" tourist products available to potential users;
- The agency undertakes to promote the products supplied by the supplier on the above site;
- The supplier company intends to establish this commercial collaboration without any exclusivity constraints.
Under these conditions, it is agreed and stated that
1. Daylighttour will pay a fee equal to 15% of the trip's total amount;
2. The sale of tourist products will be subject to the following conditions: the agency will acquire the product, in favor of the final customer, by accessing the "" website; The purchase will take place via credit card transaction and will become effective only at the time of the successful outcome of the transaction; The cost of the travel package will be immediately acquired by the vendor company, without no refund possibility.
3. Commissions, matured under the conditions set out in point 2 and quantified in accordance with paragraph 1, shall be recognized in a single settlement every 5th of the month following the effective maturity date;
4. The agency undertakes not to make any contact with the facilities present on the website and not to offer its users any offer that includes accommodation in one of these facilities;
5. the agency undertakes to fulfill all the information obligations in favor of final consumers;
6. The parties undertake to cooperate and execute the contract in good faith, so that their conduct facilitates the sale to the public, with mutual benefit;
7. Any disputes arising between the parties in relation to this agreement shall be transferred to the jurisdiction of the Court of Latina.
It is possible to download a PDF version of the contract: Agreement.pdf  

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